Looking Up!

My life has really gone through some big changes in the last few months and as I get this new year underway there are lots of exciting and positive things to look forward too!!

Big life changes really had the stress ramped up for a while. Now that that is mostly behind me and I am all settled in a new directions things have settled and are really going in a good.

I finally kicked myself in the butt and started my first group diet coaching adventure. I have been successfully helping people for sometime, however I have finally jumped in with two feet and going to try and make a business out of it. I am excited with my first group and to do everything I can to ensure their success! Excited to see how much fat loss we can accomplish is 12 weeks!

I continue to lean more from Menno Henselmans Personal Trainer course.  It is very exciting and interesting. We are diving into training and I am very interested and motivated to make some sense out of an area, that frankly has somewhat intimidated me, simply because of the shear volume of information out there on training. I’m motivated to get a solid foundational understanding so that I can better analyze existing programs and information out there. And hopefully start to customize my own training.

POWERLIFTING!!  I have really switched gears here. I have really put any kind of bodybuilding show on the way back burner for now. I am pursuing powerlifting. I am registered for a show end of April!  I am super excited about the meet!  Had to invest in a bunch of new equipment as none of what I had was IPF approved.  And THANKS to the people (you know who you are!) who selflessly helped me pay for said equipment and with USAPL membership and Meet registration!!  Also for the kick in the butt that finally got me moving in this direction instead of just thinking about it! It all means so much to me!! Probably way more then the people involved could ever really understand!

So thus I am venturing forward into unknown territory with a bright wide open future in front of me! Here is to following your dreams, never giving up & doing what it takes to get there! I am feeling loved and fortunate to be involved in such a great community and honored to know such great people!


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