~ Fate ~

Do you ever feel like things just fall in place? When that happens I cant help but just go with it! And this is how I’ve been feeling lately. I feel almost like I’m in a whirlwind with everything happening and clicking along.

When I first decided I wanted to compete, I had set a goal for 2016. Then after chatting with a friend decided winter of 2015/2016 would be the new time frame. On and off over the last few months I’ve tried to look for shows close enough for me to show in, but not really having any idea where arey are held or what exactly to search for, I never really came up with anything. Then one day the details of a show just kind of fell in my lap, by rather inexplicable means. So I went with it. Even though the show was a little further away then I first wanted, it just felt right. And I couldnt ignore the circumstances of how I came to find out about it.

So with a set date in mind it all became more real. All of a sudden my mind was whirling around with all the details. I would need I prep coach, and likely a posing coach, what should I do with diet between now and contest prep? So I started looking around at coaches. Talked to some people for ideas and suggestions. One of the names brought up, I figured was way out of my price range. I figured what the heck I’ll contact them and see maybe it wont be as expensive as I thought! Well it turned out to be not quit twice what I figured I could afford BUT I thought what a fantastic learning opportunity it would be and the complete comprehensiveness of the service provided I felt was worth it & I would find a way to make it work. And it so happened there was an opening on April 19th.

As I was talking with someone about the cost of coaching, they mentioned to set something up for sponsors. I had not thought about that at all. Thought it was a great idea & so I got that done. And I’ve gotten some great sponsors already! And warms my heart with sincere appreciation of these individuals!!

Looking back on these last couple weeks, I can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as fate? These pieces have all just kind of fallen in place. And I’m getting more excited all the time!

If you havent yet I would appreciate it if you were willing to help me out with a sponsorship! All sponsors will be featured in a sponsors post & sponsorships over $20 will reseave a free copy of my upcoming Meal Planning & Prepping ebook in appreciation!

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