Follow Me to the Stage ~ Week One

NO CAFFEINE for 9 days… This is going to be the toughest part of this first week! Training is going to be 6-7 days a week with one rest day, but only if I really need it. Diet has changed, but is pretty flexible.

It is going to be good to get in the gym & change things up. More cable work. Lots of new stuff to learn & master.

Day 1
Horrible migraine! Woke with a stiff neck that turned into a migraine, likely no caffeine had something to do with that as well. Ended up leaving work early coming home, soaking in whirlpool bath then napping until 3pm. Really hoping tomorrow is better! Headed off to the store to get groceries then meal prep! It will be great to have my meals all ready again! I took a rest day, probably the only one for a while.

Day 2
Still had a headache but not anywhere as bad. Got to the gym after a nap, and that went well. Felt good to push some heavier weight for squats & change up the routine.

Day 3

Feeling better yet, but still this headache persists!  Had a great workout in the gym today, even though I napped again for only about 1.5 hrs before I went. I have been feeling so much more energized after working out, even though I walk into the gym ready to go lay down in the corner! Been so tired. Enjoyed the sumo presses, they were different but I felt more stable then a regular military press.

Day 4

Feeling Wonderful today!! GOOD BYE headache! And not feeling any need for a nap! Finally… I think I was hanging onto some tension at the base of my skull. I did some deep message there last night and it hurt but the tension is now gone and no headache! Looking forward to the work out tonight! Got to find a 3 rep max for bench.. I am really pushing for it to be 135.. Maybe more!  After today, its starting over with workouts.  I think the rest of the week will be smooth sailing.  Meals are going well, I’m a bit hungry after 2nd & 3rd meals as they are lower in protein then I am used to.  But otherwise its going well, and my body is starting to adapt pretty well.

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