KetoCaNa Review part 2

I wanted to write quickly about my experience over the last week.

I’ve gone back to strict cutting macros over the last week with Protein Sparing Modified Fast on rest days. In the past my strength & energy has greatly suffered from this & I end up increasing calories to make strength gains.

This time is different. This time I’ve noticed no loss of strength or energy. My weights on the bar are increasing while the number on the scale is decreasing! So what’s different? My Preworkout routine has changed.

If you read my first review, you’ll remember I reserved KetoCaNa and Keto8 for my 2 most difficult training days.

Well ive started taking both everyday in conjunction with caffeine and 12g dextrose PWO. I’m loving it! Leg day is Monday and it can be tuff following PSMF. Last Monday I never noticed any difference at all. And all week I’ve been going strong! I’m estatic! I’m now on the road to hit my goal of 18% body fat all the while still killing it in the gym!

Now this poor girl just has to figure out how to afford to keep buying it! Will work for KetoCaNa??

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