Follow Me to the Stage week 11

Time is flying and almost half way there. 11 weeks down and 13 weeks to go until the NPC show on October 10th.

Training is coming along well! Still making progress in most areas! Really really starting to finally feel confident squatting & actually is begining to become a favorite!

Diet is coming along well & really starting to notice big change in my legs.  Finally! I’ve really had a hard time being patient for my legs and have disliked them for so long even as my upper body has leaned out.

Have had steady down ward trend the last 3 weeks, so really feeling good about progress! Time to start looking specifically toward show planning, registration & getting my NPC card! Need to pick out my routine music and putting that together. Time to really get after posing practice.

This last week has me back in the 140’s pretty excited about that! When I look back at where I was a year and half ago I can’t believe it, I don’t recognize that person I was any longer!

Here’s to continually progressing and realizing dreams!


Where I came from…



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