Follow me to the Stage ~ 2 months

Tomorrow marks two months down and that leaves just 4 months (16 weeks) to go. I have seen tremendous strength gains in the last 2 months!
Starting total volume for my 3 day cycle was 35,195lbs. Total volume for last full 3 day cycle 74,495lbs! That is a 53% gain in total volume! That is huge! The biggest increase is seen on the second day (split squat, OHP, chin ups, hip thrusts, calf jumps & leg extentions) which saw a 65% increase in total volume from 13,470lbs to 39,115lbs.

With summer baseball in full swing my schedule is all over the place. A lost gym key card has led to one improvised workout in my basement & the only rest day during the last two months. My life is super busy but I always find time to get to the gym whether it’s 4am or 7pm or any time between.

Weight loss isn’t happening quite as rapid as I’d like, time to really buckle down now so I can hopefully coast into my show.

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