Follow Me to the Stage ~ Week 3

So this week saw some weight fluctuations and what I can only assume is water weight retention, as according to caliper readings Im still losing fat. This is a great reason to not use your scale as the only measure of progress. Take measurements, take pictures, take caliper readings!



I hit a great PR in wide grip bench, 120lbs x9 reps! This is so exciting for me! Im really struggling with laying leg curl in that one leg is so much weaker then the other. And its like ive hit a sticking point. Also added 20lbs to pushups! This makes me feel so strong!  It totally rocks. I tried adding 5 lbs to chin ups but that seems to have stalled out the number of reps … so going to drop that down to 2.5.

My weight belt (for weighted chin/pull ups & dips) came this week, and Ive decided to pick up a pair of straps. Feeling great about Romanian Dead Lifts, at 185lbs and my body can do more but my hands just cant hang onto it.

Overall a great week! Looking forward to week 4 and the close of month 1!

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