Follow me to the Stage ~ week 4 & 5

So when I got the request from my coach for progress pics I was a tad nervous! ok a lot nervous! My weight has been all over the place even though my calipers readings have suggested steady fat loss. So it was great to get this reply:

A big sigh of releif!

These last two weeks have seen some great progress in the gym! I hit 170lbs on squats for 12 reps all 4 sets! 170lbs was my last tested 1RM, so I am estatic! I am up to 130lbs on bench and so close to putting on 45s and my last tested 1RM of 140lbs!

Ive started taking 3mg melatonin at night and this is really helping me to sleep better at night.

Im allowed to take 1 rest day a week if I really need it. So far I haven’t felt like I needed it, so I’m on 38 days straight in the gym and feeling great!

Im really seeing and feeling a difference in my hammies & glutes! But I wish my legs would hurry up and lean out more like my upper body!

Progress pics from begining to week 5


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